Our Ethos

We are a group of parents who have come together to form a home-education group for our children offering Waldorf-inspired learning and activities with specialist Steiner-trained tutors for home-educated 6 to 7 year olds, 3 days a week during term-time, in Coleford, Somerset.


Dragonflies are magical creatures with many wonderful characteristics and abilities.  Dragonflies Home-Education Group strives to be a magical group that together can inspire our children to feel a lifelong love for learning.

To always be curious and to encourage children to develop confident, creative thinking that will allow them to thrive and blossom in our ever changing world.

To allow children to get to know who they are and to promote learning in harmony and with a deep connection to nature, themselves and each other.

To facilitate natural child development where learning is hands-on, age-appropriate and unhurried, with lots of movement and engagement.

A deep respect for each other will be nurtured and time for in-depth study of topics to enrich learning experiences, developing skills and soul nourishing experiential learning in an unpressurised environment.

“Receive the children in reverence,
Educate them in love,
And send them forth in freedom.”

-Rudolf Steiner
Throughout the year seasonal festivals will be celebrated together and with other local home-education groups.  This will help nurture togetherness and wonderful social experiences, creating a special experience of learning, socialising and sense of community amongst our local home-educated children and their families.

Head, Heart and Hands


In Waldorf education, learning is approached in a three-fold manner, also referred to as the “head, heart, and hands”.   Each experience engages children's intellectual capacities (thinking), their artistic and emotional capacities (feeling), and their practical skill-building capacities (willing). Waldorf’s threefold approach integrates learning with the natural stages of development resulting in meaningful and memorable learning experiences which we aim for our children to experience in this group.



holistic learning and creative thinking

Waldorf-inspired and project-based learning each morning with a Steiner trained main educator incorporating literacy, numeracy, art, music, singing, recorder playing, craft, nature and handwork at a pace both engaging and appropriate for each child.


feeling connected

A respectful, safe, caring and soul-nourishing environment for each child with lots of time in the surrounding beautiful countryside, nurturing a loving and emotional connection to themselves, their work, eachother, nature, the world and the wonderful community that has come together for this group, celebrated at uplifting festivals throughout the year.


learning through doing

Creative and active afternoon sessions with experienced subject tutors include handwork, woodcraft, games, seasonal activities and spanish.  The beautiful fields and woodlands of the nearby farm are all available to use as their outdoor classroom, in addition to the warm and comfortable indoor learning space.


Want to join us?

We have a maximum group size of 14.  To find out more information, if we currently have spaces in our group and how to join us, please get in touch.  We would be happy to chat through it all with you and send you more information.

How can you help?

Dragonflies is a not-for-profit group. All parents are volunteering their time for the running of the group.  The costs for the group educators, location rent & bills, materials, equipment, learning resources etc. are directly split by the number of children and paid for by each family in the group.  We are trying to keep the costs as low as possible to be as accessible to as many home-educating families as possible.

The start-up costs and ongoing resourcing will be covered partly by families involved in the project and also by much needed donations and additional fundraising.


We have a  DONORBOX PAGE for fundraising and we invite you to please donate what you can and please share this link with family and friends to help support this community project for these children.

Become a Sponsor

We are also looking for sponsors for our project, if you think you would be interested in sponsoring the Dragonflies Home-Education Group please CONTACT US, we would be so grateful to hear from you!